Site Visits for Leaders

Each year, Tutku offers familiarization (FAM) programs that rotate between several of the countries we serve. These site visits are open to potential group leaders and are designed with Professors in mind, but we will also consider applications from other leaders, including Education Abroad Directors, Alumni Directors, Donor Relations Directions, Clergy, and other organizational leaders.

We are committed to helping leaders visit countries and learn about their cultures before they bring their groups. That way they can see the areas in which they would teach, learn how to lead a program by observing one of our long-time professor partners in action on the trip,* and experience what partnering with Tutku would be like.

2019 Egypt FAM Group

In order to do our part to make that happen, we heavily discount each of these programs. If you’d like to take part in one of these programs,

You May Apply Here.

For additional questions and information, please email Erin Dailey at


■ ISRAEL – January 1-9, 2021 led by Dr. Carl Rasmussen                     $1,990  land & air included               

■ EGYPT – January 6-15, 2021 led by Dr. Jim Hoffmeier                        $2,790  land & air included

■ ITALY – January 15-23, 2021 led by Dr. Mark Wilson                          $2,990  land & air included

■ TURKEY – March 5-13, 2021 led by Dr. Mark Wilson                           $1,690  land & air included

■ GREECE – March 6-14, 2021 led by Dr. Jeff Weima                             $1,990  land & air included

■ JORDAN – March 13-21, 2021 led by Dr. Mark Fairchild                     $1,990  land & air included

2021 TUTKU Familiarization Programs

*Most of the professors with whom we work tend to be specialists in religion, archaeology, history, and other similar fields. Therefore, the focus of each FAM trip is based around that professor’s area of expertise. Of course, professors from any discipline and leaders of all backgrounds are welcome to join any FAM trip.