Levent Oral

Levent Oral, born and raised in Izmir, is a graduate of the St. Joseph French school and 9th September University, where he studied Business Administration. He is fluent in French and English, and holds a professional ‘Tour Guide License’ since 1989. He has owned his own Travel Agency since 1992. He is an expert at designing tour itineraries for groups from different areas of interests for Turkey and the Mediterranean countries. Levent is interested in Biblical Archaeology and takes part in several religious, archaeological and art related conferences in the US each year. He organizes archaeology seminars for tour guides every January, low cost Turkey Familiarization Trips for university professors and pastors every March, and the Ephesus Meeting every May. One of Levent’s pet projects for several years has been mapping the archaeological sites in Turkey which helps visitors and colleagues in the sector. Lately, he organizes Turkish-themed informational Gala Dinners in major US cities and hosts university professors and church leaders. In his free time, Levent enjoys playing tennis with his wife Natali, spending time with his children Zeynep, Kaan and Tan, and doing oil painting.

Dr. Meg Ramey

Director of Education Abroad
Meg Ramey, a South Carolina native, holds a B.A. in Spanish from Furman University, a M.Div. from Baylor University, and a Ph.D. in New Testament from the University of St. Andrews. In her previous role as Associate Professor of Biblical Studies at Messiah College, she took over 100 students on cross-cultural programs spanning 4 continents and 18 different countries, including Turkey where she first partnered with Tutku. Now as Director of Education Abroad, she enjoys working with other professors and international education professionals in the development of courses for their universities. In her free time, she teaches at churches on topics ranging from “The Seven Churches of Revelation” (all based in Turkey) to “Jesus in Fiction and Film” and edits the “Bible in Fiction” project for Oxford Biblical Studies Online. Some of her hobbies include creating glass mosaics, writing fiction, playing board games, and hiking long-distance, preferably in Spain, Scotland, or Turkey, which are her 3 favorite countries and all ones in which Tutku now operates!

Cuneyt Oral

Cuneyt was born in Izmir, Turkey. He graduated graphic design department of the 9th September University in Izmir.His second experience is Information Technologies. He worked for his own data processing and computer service company between 1992-2014. Cuneyt joined to Tutku Tours family in 2014. He is working as webmaster and graphic designer and enjoy spending time with his family.

Erin Dailey

Director of Operations for Ephesus Meeting
Erin Dailey, originally born in Edmonton, later moved to San Diego and now lives in Turkey. She studied International Marketing at university, and after many years of work experience, she now works with North American group leaders preparing biblical tour itineraries in Turkey and the Eastern Mediterranean. Erin is the director of the Ephesus Meeting, which is organized by Tutku Tours, each year in late May. She is also a mother to Ela, Kaya and Sean. She enjoys traveling, horseback riding, hiking, and cooking. Her travel experiences, attention to details, and the fact that she is a Canadian and American citizen living in Turkey, makes her a unique jewel in the travel business.

Sema Ankaralı

Sema is a graduate in Tourism-Hotel Administration.  She began her tourism career by working in hotels for 11 years. She has been working for travel agencies for 5 years as a tour operator. Sema joined Tutku team’s operations department in 2009. She enjoys outdoor sports, football, history and literature.

Damla Oral

Damla Oral was born in Izmir. She graduated from the Izmir Turkish College and then from 9th September University. She joined Tutku Tours operations team in October 2010 and has learned a great deal about the tourism sector. She enjoys watching movies, listening different kinds of music, swimming and sports.

Cenk Eronat

Vice President
Cenk was born in Ankara. Moved to Izmir and graduated from 9th September University, Tourism Management Department. After much experience working for 5-star hotels and travel companies, in 1999 he became part of Tutku Tours. Among many things, he is the Vice President of Tutku Tours, a French-English speaking tour guide and a photographer. He creates and develops tour programs, which include some of the most beautiful and significant places in Turkey as well as world famous sites. He is a specialist in Cross-Cultural tours in Turkey, Greece, Italy, Israel, Georgia and Cyprus.

Natali Oral

NATALI ORAL was born in Donetsk, Ukraine. She studied Tourism at the Donetsk University. Then, she moved to Turkey and married to Levent Oral in 2007. Natali joined Tutku team in 2008. They have a son by the name of Tan Utku Oral. Natali helps the operation department. Natali enjoys cooking, swimming, and travelling. She is very interested in promoting Tutku travel programs to the US and Russian churches.

Sinan Efe Özşahinler

Graphic Designer
Sinan has been working in the data processing sector since 1999. He has been following developing technology, and after finishing his education, he started to work with Tutku Tours. He studies graphic design now, and his talents continuously improve. He is very interested in cinema and loves oldies music and movies very much.